What Clients Say


For reasons of confidentiality, our clients’ names remain anonymous. Below is some of the feedback we’ve received from them that they have allowed us to share:

“The book you have written for me is like a magic trick! Somehow, you have turned my family’s outrageous dysfunction into an intense, dramatic and yet refreshingly funny account. You have captured the story I have been compelled to share with the world for so long and have helped me heal from the trauma of it all in the process. Each time you sent me a new chapter, it was almost eerie reading it. I felt like you had somehow lived with me through the whole ordeal because you were able to understand and convey my thoughts and emotions so accurately as well as the complex relationship dynamics going on—it reads like you had somehow channeled me. I can never thank you enough for writing the book I’ve only thought possible in my dreams.”



“Throughout the whole process of working with you to turn the stories of my ancestors into historical fiction, I kept having chill bumps over and over as I read what you wrote. I am more damn excited about this book than anything I have accomplished in my very successful career. I am your cheerleader!!



“I was just a regular guy, working and raising my kids, when tragedy struck. After surviving the impossible odds of that disaster, people kept telling me I had to write a book. The only problem was that I am not a writer, but when I found you, that hindrance to telling my story vanished. Through your interviews, research and astounding writing, you were able to convey not only what happened to me but how I felt when I went through it. In a hundred years of effort, I could never have told my story as well as you did in one.”




“I am totally amazed at how you captured my military experience, which was so completely out of your own frame of reference, and authentically embodied my voice and personality in your writing of my story. Telling this story is one of the most important things I will ever do. Thank you for helping me share it with the world.”



“After a devastating diagnosis, I knew I had to leave a legacy of my life to my family and to the world. I did a lot right and made a ton of mistakes, and I wanted to tell people my story and what I learned along the way in hopes that it could save them from unnecessary heartache. This was a big task for you to take on and you did so with compassion, flair and wonderful energy. I love the book you have written for me. I am proud to be leaving it behind whenever I end up leaving this Earth.”